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Unlocking the Door



As of June 2023


As you know, we are extremely fortunate to own a residential duplex that is used for Transitional Housing. This is not meant to be long-term low-income housing. Rather, it is a program designed to provide housing to struggling local families. This program helps them regain stability and become self-sufficient.


This relational ministry uses the proven resource of our Loving Hope Mentoring Program, while providing clients with housing for 6-12 months, for very little rent. As clients begin to “get on their feet” financially, they are surrounded by Christian volunteers from local churches who help them with mentoring and life skills.


John and Mary came to Love INC after being released from prison. They had nothing!

It started with a visit to our “Lets… Dress For Your Success” boutique. She needed clothing for a job interview. She got the job. Soon after, so did John.


This was just the beginning! They moved into our Transitional House and began to really do the work. As required, they attended our Budget Mentoring class and began working with their mentor and implementing what they had learned. They saved money to pay off debt and began saving for a down payment for their own home.


With commitment, determination, and hard work, they achieved their goal and bought their first home! They went from homelessness to home ownership!


This vital ministry is needed now more than ever. Sadly, the homeless crisis in Skagit County is overwhelming. However, with your continued support, Love INC can help by offering a hand up, not just a handout… One family at a time!


In June we paid off mortgage! Thank you to all the donors who helped make this happen!!


Jodine Bennett - Executive Director


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