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LoveINC is a national movement
of the body of Christ helping their neighbors

LoveINC of Skagit Valley is one of more than a hundred LoveINC locations across the United States and Kenya, who partner wth over 7,800 Christian churches to serve hundreds of thousands of people in need.


In 1993, Shirley Tollefson sought out a way for churches to partner together to help those in need. She found a handful of churches who saw the value and importance of many local congregations working together to serve their community. With the help of an established structure, Love INC of Skagit County was born.

The first ministry formed was the donated furniture ministry. Volunteers would pick up and deliver used beds, furniture, appliances and medical equipment to who otherwise did not have access to these items.

With these opportunities came the awareness that the Body of Christ has so much to offer our neighbors, both in meeting physical needs and helping to instill the hope that comes from living a life dedicated to Jesus Christ. Instilling this hope would require an investment of time and relationship. In 2003, Love INC of Skagit County introduced Loving Hope Mentoring Program: a program that allows Christian volunteers to develop one-on-one relationships with families in need, to teach them how to manage their finances in a God-honoring way.

In 2007, the Homes of Hope transitional housing ministry became a reality, and allowed Love INC to offer participants in the mentoring program a home to stay in while they are getting back on their feet.

Today, the Love INC of Skagit County network includes nearly 80 churches. More and more Christians are recognizing how they (and their church) can be so much more effective in their ministry efforts when they use Love INC as a tool to connect them with other ministries, and people with needs in our area.




Jodine Bennett | Executive Director

Jan Hanks | Clearinghouse Manager

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