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This program has proven to be a huge success in eliminating “repeat” clients. This program was built on the same concept as the old adage, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.” As the needs of families are assessed by our clearinghouse, many are encouraged to enroll in the Loving Hope Mentoring Program.  The LHMP is a 25 week course that helps clients to determine a plan for responsibly managing their own finances, and reducing their personal debt.

Clients attend the class once each week. Dinner and childcare are provided by volunteers. A one hour lesson is taught through small group discussion on topics such as debt reduction, budgeting, saving and other matters of biblical stewardship. Following the classroom training, clients then sit down with a trained volunteer budget mentor for one-on-one budget counseling.  Clients provide counselors with all of their financial information in order to give an accurate picture of their current status, and to determine the best strategy for financial self-sufficiency.

Clients are rewarded with incentives for regular attendance and homework completion. Incentives include vouchers for food from local church and community food banks, gasoline vouchers, haircut vouchers and oil changes. This allows those who have committed to the program to use funds that would typically go toward these necessities, and reallocate them toward the elimination of debt.

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